Jen Law’s New Hair do!


Jennifer Lawrence shocked the world when she revealed her new ‘do: a pixie cut. Actually, it’s not really a pixie cut, it’s more like a really short bob.

Jen Law said that the reason why she cut her hair was because of the damage from over-processing her hair. What with always coloring, drying, highlighting, curling, and straightening, I think she’s finally had it.

During her Yahoo Fireside chat last November 7, she said, “I don’t know. I cut it earlier, and it was just kind of like shoulder-length and it grew to that awkward, gross length. I just kept putting it back in a bun, and I said, ‘Well I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off.”


To be honest, I really love her new hair. I think it makes her look younger and fresher and more neat. I don’t really understand why a lot of people are all like, “She’s going to turn into another Miley Cyrus blah, blah, blah.” Just to defend Miley, Miley actually chopped off her hair so that she can raise money for cancer. And just because Jen chopped off her hair doesn’t mean that she’s going to be Miley-Cyrus-wild. And in case you’ve forgotten, a lot of great actresses also cut their hair into pixies like Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and Shailene Woodley. (Fun fact: did you know that Emma had to wear a wig when already chopped off her hair and they suddenly had to reshoot some scenes for Harry Potter 7 part 2?)

The only thing that worries me is her hair for Mockingjay. She already said that she’ll be wearing a wig for the movie so fingers crossed that her hair will look fab! Hopefully, y’all get used to her new ‘do and embrace it because I think she’s going to rock it.




REVIEW: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan


The Demigod Crew of the Argo II is standing at a crossroads. They could return home with the Athena Parthenos statue and try to stop Camp Half-Blood and Camp Juputer from going to war. Or they could continue on their quest to find the House of Hades, where they might be able to open the Doors of Death, rescue their friends Percy and Annabeth from Tartarus (if they have survived), and prevent monsters from being reincarnated in the mortal world. Whichever road they decide to take, they have to hurry, because time is running out. Gaea, the bloodthirsty Earth Mother, has set the date of August 1 for her rise to power.

Join the demigods of the prophecy as they face their biggest challenges yet in The House of Hades, the hair-raising penultimate book in the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.


The House of Hades is the fourth installment of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series. It continues the adventures and misadventures of the crew of Argo II as they sail towards the ancient lands.
Now, this book right here shook my very being. So many adventures and new people (or should say I say ‘creatures’?).
The crew, minus Annabeth and Percy since they’ve literally fallen into their deaths, faces absolutely terrifying challenges. And not just challenges like how they were going to save the world in a month or how in the world will they kill a giant turtle, but challenges that really test, not just their abilities in fighting, but their very beings. This book is an emotional rollercoaster for the seven half-bloods, Nico and oh, coach Hedge.
And oh, the romance! Well, Rick Riordan’s not really big on the romance stuff but omg. Relationships will be tested and how far will someone go for the person they love? Will they be able to move on from the past?
But as I read Percabeth’s (Percy and Annabeth’s) POV, I can’t help thinking how these two have grown. From two little kids trying to fight a minotaur to a young couple just trying to save the world and the ones they love. I was 13 when I first read The Lightning Thief and Percy was also 13 then and I literally grew up with them since I read the whole PJO series one book at a time. And now Annabeth’s 16 turning 17 and I’m also 16 and I just can’t help getting emotional about it.
Anyways, I thought Rick Riordan did another great job. The book, unlike Mark of Athena, is not a cliffhanger, thanks the gods. It’s most probably because of the riot that the whole fandom did after reading the 3rd book. The House of Hades for me was bittersweet. It’s perfectly paced and definitely engrossing. Fans like me will probably pull an all-nighter while reading this, just as I did. Rick Riordan knows how to keep his readers entranced. Absolutely entertaining, fun and emotional. A ten out of ten for me.


REVIEW: Insurgent by Veronica Roth


One choice can transform you, or destroy you.

Every choice has consequences, and as unrest surges in the factions all around her, Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves, and herself, while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love.


Insurgent is the second book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. It continues to follow the story of Tris Prior and her choices. Her used-to-be peaceful world was now in chaos. Everyone’s turning on each other, threats sent out and people are killed.

I think Insurgent is better than Divergent in a lot of ways. First of all, Divergent is more like Tris’ transformation into the person she always wanted to be so it’s really more just about her but in Insuregnt Tris does things for the people around her, she makes choices for the greater good and the risks she takes actually affects the people around her and not just her.

Second, Insurgent is more action packed. I’m actually surprised that a lot can happen in 496 pages. So many things happened and it’s really overwhelming. I applaud Veronica Roth for being able to put so much action in a book that it’s almost like watching a movie!

I thought Divergent was missing something and I only realized now that it was all reserved for Insurgent. Secrets are revealed, discoveries made and things learned. The amount of information that you will gain from this book is terrifyingly overwhelming. And you won’t just get a headache but also heartache and the occasional but fatal heart attack.

This book deserves a 10 out of 10. If you think that Divergent wasn’t exciting enough then you must read Insurgent! Like seriously, this book is amazing and just a little warning: it may be a lot to take in.

And that ending!